Executive Chef Romain Devic, Nobu Hotel Shoreditch


By - January 1, 2019

AS THE THIRD NOBU location in London, the Nobu restaurant inside the Nobu Hotel Shoreditch opened with a long-time fan base in the city. And with the influence of Executive Chef Romain Devic, the traditional favorite saw additional changes, including the launch of Nobu Café. The café serves an eclectic menu with a matcha bar, London’s only Kinto hand-brewed Japanese filter coffee and an afternoon tea, alongside the striking décor of the hotel and the exquisite Japanese cuisine of the restaurant.

Devic’s career began as commis pastry chef at Hotel Les Airelles in Courchevel. However, according to Devic, his brother’s love of cooking first touched him as a teenager, so his journey to London started long before Courchevel. He then moved on to several Michelin-starred restaurants including Bar & Boeuf in Monte Carlo, Le Jules Verne on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower and Auberge du Vieux Puits.

He joined the Nobu brand in 2012 as pastry sous-chef at Nobu Miami Beach and soon moved to Nobu Atlantis Paradise Island in The Bahamas. He also assisted in the launch of Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay before joining Nobu Hotel Shoreditch.

The first Nobu Hotel opened in 2013, and today more are open or in development around the world, including Marbella, Chicago, Barcelona and Bahrain. Today more than 30 Nobu restaurants can be found worldwide.

WHICH DESTINATIONS INSPIRED YOU, AND HOW HAS THAT INSPIRATION TRANSLATED INTO YOUR CULINARY CONCEPTS? There is not one singular destination that inspires me in particular. Everywhere can be and is an inspiration — from the culture to the way of life, like the simplicity and genuine kindness of Cuban people and South American influences in Miami to the food culture from France.

WHOM DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE YOUR CULINARY HERO? I personally liked how Anthony Bourdain brought world cuisine and product to people through his TV shows.

WHAT ONE PERSON MOST INFLUENCED YOUR COOKING STYLE? My brother; he is also a professional chef and passed on to me the cooking “virus” in my teenage years. We share thoughts, recipes and techniques.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD CITY? I am quite impressed by London. As one of the busiest capitals in the world, I expected it to have a wide range of restaurant styles, but you can find all you want within a close radius wherever you are.

WHAT DO YOU THINK THE NEXT BIG TREND ON THE FOOD SCENE WILL BE? I think it will be more healthy and eco-friendly food. More and more people look for quality over quantity and fetch products from local markets or farmers. It is not always easy to find a balance between both, but I feel the new generation is more involved in it — it’s not just to follow a trend; they really mean it.


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