FOR DECADES, TOURISTS largely avoided Belfast, put off by the violent sectarian struggle known as the Troubles. From the late

AS EARLY AS 1170, DUBLIN was an established town with a defined street pattern, a cathedral and even suburbs on

I HAVE TO CONFESS, CROAGH PATRICK is still on my bucket list. Rising on Ireland’s northwest coast right beside the

A CRITICAL SCENE FROM Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes viewers to a mystical and magnificent mountaintop far, far away

IRELAND’S TOURISM INDUSTRY has grown steadily for years, reaching record numbers in 2016 with 9.5 million trips to the Emerald

Ireland’s capital city brings to mind two distinct images. One is a literary paradise where the likes of Oscar Wilde,

Since 1613, when a Royal Charter bestowed it with town status, Belfast has been on a mostly steady ascent —