IT’S FAMILIAR BUT DIFFERENT, old but radically new. We’ve seen it before, but never so vibrant, so vivid, so immersive,

LIKE THE FRANTIC KITCHEN of a sold-out Korean restaurant, Seoul is hot, sizzling, a 24/7 mass of energy. Yet few

SINCE ITS 2011 SELECTION by the International Olympic Committee as the site for the 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games,

SEOUL IS KNOWN FOR KIMCHI, karaoke, Korean barbecue and jjimjilbang (Korean sauna). Its up-to-date, energetic and fun-loving residents work hard

IN 2001, SHORTLY AFTER the American development firm Gale International and its Korean partners POSCO E&C and Incheon Metropolitan City

MORE THAN 10 MILLION PEOPLE live in Seoul, South Korea’s dynamic capital city, where towering skyscrapers, including Lotte World Tower,

MUCH LIKE THE NORTHERLY capital of Seoul, Korea’s second city, Busan, doesn’t truly come alive until after dark. When the

Korea offers plenty of options for those seeking a party. So it’s no wonder Seoul, the capital city, bursts with

Seoul is undoubtedly South Korea’s epicenter for all things culture and entertainment, but the capital city’s little sister to the

Part of the greater Seoul metropolitan area, Incheon is a major city and destination in its own right, offering a

The capital of South Korea and a city of more than 10 million, Seoul rushes toward the future with an