The Latest from North America

A city of nearly perfect weather with more than 250 days of sun a year, San Diego is a mecca

Development in the sunny, seaside, southeastern Florida county of Miami-Dade, with Miami the epicenter, catches your eye the second you

Back when Denver was nothing more than a small frontier town, a dusty outlier on a trodden trail, most people

Chicago contains 77 neighborhoods outside its downtown Loop district, and the Bloomingdale Trail, a 2.7-mile elevated linear park opened in

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The Latest from Latin America

GUATEMALA CITY HAS LONG BEEN better known for its crime statistics than its popularity as a tourist destination, but things

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The Latest from the Carribean

THE LOCALS WILL TRY TO CONVINCE YOU everyone, always, has spoken English. From the taxi driver in Roatán, Honduras, to

OVER THE YEARS, the Cayman Islands made headlines for being tax havens for celebrities, politicians and business magnates. However, these

BEAUTY AND TRANQUILITY have attracted the rich and famous to Antigua for decades. With a dimpled shoreline interspersed with sandy

At some point in every adult’s life, an exotic beach vacation becomes less a fantasy and more a necessity. I

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The Latest from South America

As a country, Brazil retains a certain sense of mystery, perhaps due to the huge distances its territory covers and

It may not be the largest city in South America, but Buenos Aires is definitely in the big leagues when

Thanks to Bolivia’s continued economic growth, affluence is on the rise in the capital of La Paz, and visitors can

An 11-year-old boy exclaims, “Wow! Cool!” His response is not to a video game or the latest viral meme on

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The Latest from Europe

Even in a country as over-the-top picturesque as Switzerland, some destinations stand out, not only for their beauty but also

The Greek islands are so iconically picturesque, families seeking fun in the sun sometimes overlook Athens. At first glance, it’s

Iconic images emerge from Italy’s Amalfi Coast, one of the world’s most breathtaking regions. Jumbles of cube-shaped houses in peach,

In the crown of cosmopolitan European capitals, Stockholm’s jewel shines brightly within a setting where Old World culture coalesces with

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The Latest from Africa

Seeking to position itself as a place for Africa to interact with the world, Cape Town touts its reliable infrastructure,

Historic churches, monuments and crowded markets all contribute to the colorful ambience of Ethiopia’s capital. While visitors shouldn’t miss the

Casablanca may have lost some of its luster surrounding the popularity of the film of the same name, but the

The echoes of history, both glorious and horrific, live on in Ghana. Inland, in the city of Kumasi, the descendants

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The Latest from the Middle East

A city-state built on myth-sized dreams, Dubai grew from a backwater, desert-edged village on the Persian Gulf best known for

From its sultan’s harems and domed mosques to Roman ruins and lively bazaars packed with rugs, ceramics, copper goods and

Although Oman is located on the southeast tip of the Arabian Peninsula, apprehension about conflict in the Middle East should

Mafraq Hotel Abu Dhabi is a locally owned and managed hotel, offering travelers the perfect balance of a culturally rich

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The Latest from Asia

In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India’s most radiant state, I try to cross the street. And though it’s an

Korea offers plenty of options for those seeking a party. So it’s no wonder Seoul, the capital city, bursts with

Historic churches, monuments and crowded markets all contribute to the colorful ambience of Ethiopia’s capital. While visitors shouldn’t miss the

Glamorous, exotic and wealthy, Shanghai, China’s largest city, has come a long way from its humble roots as a small

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The Latest from Indonesia

I TOOK MY SEAT on the floor beneath a large wooden pergola alongside a handful of fellow travelers sporting sun-kissed

While some of Southeast Asia’s cities traded their historic charms for modern metropolitan flair, Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, retains parts

In a country known for its scuba diving, beach resorts and mountainous adventures, Manila sits at the economic, social and

We all form mental images of places we haven’t visited, especially when those places sit literally on the opposite side

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The Latest from Oceania

A trip to French Polynesia will cure what ails you. Just ask Marlon Brando. He called Tetiaroa — the island

We’re cruising under the Auckland Harbour Bridge on a late-afternoon sail around the city’s Waitemata Harbour when our boat captain

Melbourne has a way of getting under your skin. Once you’ve visited, it nags and gnaws at you in a

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