Department of Transportation Gives Final Statement on Service Animals

By - August 13, 2019

Last year, several airlines made moves to restrict which types of service and emotional support animals would be allowed on planes. A new statement from the U.S. Department of Transportation clarifies its position.

Last year, Delta Air Lines drew the ire of thousands when it changed policies to exclude pitbull terriers as eligible service animals. United Airlines and American Airlines made similar changes around that time as well.

The new final statement from the DOT said it will not take action against airlines for asking service animal owners to provide appropriate documentation. The statement also assures airlines of the ability to deny travel to any animal they believe causes a direct threat to flight staff or passengers. The statement goes on to mention no animals can be denied simply due to breed. Specific animals can still be denied, however.

Read the full statement online for the department’s decision and reasoning.

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