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Nov 4, 2015

Israel Inspires With Ancient History And Modern Culture

I wasn’t sure what to expect on my business trip to Tel Aviv, but the city definitely exceeded any possible expectations. Almost immediately I felt the energy and buzz of this modern and passionate city. Unquestionably the business center of Israel, it is also known for its happening cultural scene and, located right on the Mediterranean, its lively beach vibe. Though a relatively new city, founded in 1909, it isn’t far from its historic counterpart. While the modern rules in Tel Aviv, history abounds in the 4,000-year-old port city of Jaffa.

8 Reasons to Press the Green Button and Visit Ireland

Start planning that long-awaited trip to the island of Ireland. With all travel restrictions now lifted, there has never been a better time to visit.

Destinations / Middle East
Aug 27, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is a destination unmatched in historical and religious significance. Considered the world’s holiest city, a visit to Jerusalem can be an emotional, spiritual event. However, even if you’re not visiting for religious reasons, you’ll find the experience enriching and memorable. From the Old City’s four quarters — Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian — to the New City with its nightlife, museums and culinary scene, there’s always something to capture your attention.