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Sep 13, 2023

Go Island Hopping in Switzerland

Soaring, snow-covered peaks, sure ... but Swiss islands? Turns out this gloriously beautiful, landlocked country has plenty of islands rising from the surface of sparkling lakes and rivers. Explore this autumn and enjoy the crisp alpine air, vibrant leaf colors and the best of the fall harvest showcased in delicious local cuisine. Here are three islands to consider:

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Aug 30, 2023

Sleep in History at Hotel Lausanne

Royalty, musicians and film stars are among the guests who have fallen asleep beneath the roof of Lausanne Palace Hotel and breakfasted while enjoying views of the glittering expanse of Lake Geneva and the snow-tipped French Alps. After the doors opened in 1915, this grand structure, positioned near the Esplanade of Montvenon, quickly became the chosen location for important meetings and assignations.