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MICE Warsaw

Jul 1, 2016
2014 / May 2014
Apr 23, 2014

Warsaw Comes Alive After Sunset

Warsaw is a city rich with history; however, when the sightseeing and business obligations are done for the day, it’s also a city ripe with nightlife options to suit every taste — from those seeking art and fine dining to those looking for a nightcap or to dance into the wee hours.

What To Expect When Flying: oneworld Debuts Information Portal

Though air travel slowed as airports temporarily closed and borders shuttered to stifle the spread of coronavirus, the airline industry — led by oneworld alliance member airlines — enacted enhanced protective measures to reduce risk and protect passengers.

Destinations / Europe
Jul 15, 2013

Krakow, Poland

KRAKOW The former medieval city situated on the Vistula River is a storybook destination come alive. With roots dating back to the seventh century, Krakow saw its fair share of strife, wars, natural disasters, plagues and raids over the years; but it also saw great periods of flourishing, including under King Kazimierz the Great in the 14th century. The king commissioned many of the great buildings still marveled at today. Poland’s second-largest city remains an international hub of academics and art.