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By - April 14, 2019

Earlier this week I had the chance to sit down with Alexander Lee, chief commercial officer, Jumeirah Group, in New York City, and learn more about what is new with the brand, which brings its spirit of Arabian hospitality around the globe through its 24 properties.

José Silva, previously with Four Seasons, began his tenure as CEO in 2018. He brought a three-pillar philosophy to Jumeirah that is shaping the hospitality company’s future; they center on the culinary offerings, service and the quality of the product.

Silva started by creating a Chief Culinary Officer position, filled by former Michelin Guides global head Michael Ellis. In his role, Ellis looks to create a signature dining experience across the brand and ensure all the food and the experiences surrounding the cuisine are memorable.

Jumeirah was already acclaimed for its service; today’s focus is aimed at being more human and more intuitive, allowing the staff the autonomy to customize service. Internally, the company launched a social media-type app that allows colleagues around the world to share experiences from individual properties. In this vein, the company can learn as a community what works and what doesn’t and adapt accordingly.

By the end of this year, an e-butler program will roll out to hotel guests across all the properties. This app will allow guests to communicate directly with representatives at the hotels. It cuts out the middle man; for instance, guests looking to speak with the spa are directly connected to the appropriate contact.

Architecture is and always has been at the heart of the brand, known for iconic properties like Burj Al Arab. Jumeirah remains committed to keeping this philosophy central to all it does.

Also coming soon, by year’s end Jumeirah will operate five hotels in four cities in China, and the Jumeirah Carlton Towers property in London will close for a renovation that includes major structural changes.

In the end, it’s clear Jumeirah is focused on providing the best possible experience for guests.

— Kim Krol, editor in chief

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