The Claridge House

By - August 14, 2019

On my second visit to Chicago but my first stay in the actual city proper, my already high opinion of Chi-town was further validated. My colleagues and I traveled to the Windy City for the annual GBTA Convention and got to experience the Gold Coast, a first for a few of us. The neighborhood is truly beautiful — something I announced to anyone who would listen. Between all the ivy-covered townhouses, cascading stone-staircase entrances and stunning historic, prominent homes lining the streets, this residential area was a relaxing reprieve from the busy city center.

Our hotel, Claridge House, was on a particularly charming street, just a few blocks from Lake Shore Drive. The hotel is tucked away from more heavily foot-trafficked areas but within easy access to Old Town, Michigan Avenue and State and Rush street shopping.

After days filled with convention center meetings and our corporate booth, the Claridge House entrance felt like your most polished friend’s living room. With black-and-white photographs on the walls; plush, chic furniture; and an inviting bar with both street-side dining and family-style seating, the lobby and restaurant made the hotel’s first floor seem warm, inviting and luxurious — presumably inspired by the surrounding neighborhood with the same high-end homes and stately architecture.

Just a few days in the area, and I was feeling like a local.

— Angelique Platas, associate editor