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Tag: Britt Festival
Aug 24, 2019

An Evening with The Piano Guys

Earlier this year, as my husband and I were perusing the line-up of artists scheduled to perform at our favorite outdoor concert venue here in Southern Oregon, we couldn't quite agree on who we wanted to see. Those I wanted to see Harry wasn't particularly excited about, and I wasn't that interested in a few that he liked. There were also a few that we would have liked to watch, but they coincided with times we would be out of town. I don't quite recall how we finally settled on The Piano Guys. Neither of us had heard of them before, but we must have decided that an evening of instrumental music, classical mixed with other genres, would be pleasant.

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Aug 5, 2017

Music Under the Stars

Every summer, my husband and I try to take in at least a couple of concerts at our wonderful local outdoor music venue, the Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Ore. The Britt accommodates just 2,200 patrons between the reserved bench seating and the grass lawn general admission amphitheater, making for a fairly intimate experience. Additionally, for most events we can bring in our own food and beverages (excluding hard liquor), so we always tote along a few bottles of wine and a delectable picnic supper. It makes for a very pleasant evening as well as cutting down on the cost of an evening out.