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Oct 31, 2022

The $100 Cheesesteak

By now I am sure it is pretty evident I am a Philly girl through and through. With that comes the habitual need for a good cheesesteak running through my veins. I typically treat myself to a Jim’s Steak or one from Ishkabibbles, but I really had to justify a trip to the famous Barclay Prime for the $140 Wagyu and truffle cheese cheesesteak that sits on the menu.

Hotel Indigo: The World’s Neighborhood Hotel

Part of the IHG Luxury & Lifestyle portfolio, Hotel Indigo is the world’s neighborhood hotel that celebrates how guests can discover, or rediscover, some of the most inspiring and culturally rich neighborhoods around the world. When staying at a Hotel Indigo hotel, it's not just about visiting a place — it's about being fully immersed in the neighborhood and wanting to take a little bit of it home. When traveling for business, Hotel Indigo offers a unique experience tailored to each location, making it the perfect choice to stay while traveling for work. With IHG Business Edge, travel managers have exclusive access to enticing perks, comprehensive travel metrics and carefully curated educational resources. It also includes a guaranteed discount on both business and personal travel for managers and employees, alongside an automatic upgrade to IHG One Rewards Silver Elite status after the initial IHG Business Edge stay.

Jul 29, 2022

Philadelphia Anniversary Escape

My husband and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary with a night out in Philadelphia.

Jun 13, 2019

One Year at Global Traveler

Next week will mark my first year work anniversary at FX Express Publications, Inc. The year has gone quickly, and when I look back, it really feels like it was pretty recently I came in for my first interview and began to meet my future co-workers and supervisors.

Fill Your Heart with Ireland

Whether it's the people, the craic (fun) or the coasts, travelers always find something to love about the island of Ireland. What fills your heart?

Oct 22, 2018

Recalling Anniversaries at Niagara Falls

With little fanfare, my husband and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary Friday night. Just dinner at a local steakhouse since our regular anniversary plans were hindered by our daughter’s softball schedule this year.