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Sep 24, 2022

Redefining Travel

Travel is an exciting word. As a verb, it means to go from one place to another, typically over a distance of some length. As a noun, it is defined as a journey, especially to a distant or unfamiliar place. I decided this summer to lean into the noun by embarking on a journey to get more familiar with the city of Virginia Beach. Never mind it has been my resident zip code since 2017, when my family and I moved here from Washington — the pandemic made me realize I hadn’t really traveled to this area.

Fill Your Heart with Ireland

Whether it's the people, the craic (fun) or the coasts, travelers always find something to love about the island of Ireland. What fills your heart?

Feb 13, 2021

Deadline Scramble

This past Thursday was the deadline for Global Traveler's March issue. Deadline week always proves busy as the editorial team takes in and edits late-arriving text for articles and art director Tracey Cullen hustles to get final photo releases and finishes layouts. Editor in chief Kimberly Krol Inlander has to direct her keen eye to every page for approval before sending off the final proofs to the printer, all while finishing up her Letter from the Editor and other writing obligations she may have. No matter how well-prepared we are, there always seems to be some hiccup in the process that keeps us bustling right up to the end of that final day.

May 15, 2020

Travel Lists

During my hospital stay last weekend, my nurse Stacie noticed I worked for Global Traveler and asked me my travel goals. I think her goal was to get my mind off my situation, which it did, but I took the question seriously and came up with a few lists.

Tips to Plan a Destination Event Worth the Trip

Corporate events can often feel … too corporate. Where to go to get the team out of the office environment to bond and think outside the box? Starting with an unconventional, unique space to make them feel like the all-stars they are will get the juices flowing and make your LinkedIn profile glow.

Apr 27, 2016

Journey Back in Ecological Time

"With an increasingly developed world, primeval forests are becoming a thing of the past. These centuries-old woodlands grew untouched without any significant disturbances, resulting in an ecosystem marked by a high level of bio-diversity and rare species. Many are in danger of being logged out of existence, so be sure to visit these beautiful landscapes before they disappear forever..."