Marriott Adds New Toiletries Line

Photo: © Lucian Milasan |

- June 9, 2019

Marriott announced a new amenity provider in hotels this month. This Works provides products that use the body’s natural circadian rhythms to enhance the skin. Specific products are designed to repair skin and hair after exposure to common travel environments.

This Works’ shower gel and body lotion help balance and revitalize both body and mind; face and bath bars, shampoo and conditioners cleanse and moisturize; and pillow spray helps users fall asleep faster.

“Each This Works product is formulated with a super-blend of naturally derived, scientifically proven ingredients at therapeutic levels which are expertly blended and without the use of unnecessary chemicals, to work in harmony with the body clock to boost not only skin health and performance, but also overall wellbeing at every phase of the 24-hour day,” said Dr. Anna Persaud, CEO, This Works. “We understand the needs of the busy Marriott guests and we are delighted to enhance their stay from morning to night.”

“Every touch point we have with our guests is an opportunity to enhance their travel experience,” added Julius Robinson, senior vice president, Marriott Classic Premium Brands. “Marriott Hotels constantly seeks ways to help our guests be at their best. By offering products infused with live, naturally derived ingredients, we are helping them optimize their day with restorative products in the room.”

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