KLM Pursues Sustainable Aviation with New Aircraft Design

Photo: © Annemario | Dreamstime.com

- June 17, 2019

KLM partnered with Delft University of Technology to unveil a new, sustainable aircraft design. The Flying-V aircraft boasts an aerodynamic “v” shape and reduced weight. The aircraft as designed requires 20 percent less fuel than an Airbus A350 aircraft.

With the same wingspan as an Airbus A350 aircraft, the Flying-V easily fits current airport infrastructure while transporting the same number of passengers and cargo volume. Internally, seats, bathrooms and more are created as lightweight as possible while providing the highest possible passenger comfort.

The Flying-V uses the most fuel-efficient turbofan engines in existence. The design requires kerosene-fueled flights, but is adaptable to future innovations, such as electrically boosted turbofans.

“In recent years, KLM has developed as a pioneer in sustainability within the airline industry. The development of aviation has given the world a great deal, offering us an opportunity to connect people. This privilege is paired with a huge responsibility for our planet. KLM takes this very seriously and has therefore been investing in sustainability at different levels for many years, enabling it to develop a broad spectrum of sustainability initiatives. We are proud of our progressive cooperative relationship with TU Delft, which ties in well with KLM’s strategy and serves as an important milestone for us on the road to scaling-up sustainable aviation,” said Pieter Elbers, president and CEO, KLM.

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