LIKE THE NAME “NEW YORK,” the moniker “Abu Dhabi” applies to both a geographical region and the principal city within

IT USED TO BE A SMALL VILLAGE on the lower Persian Gulf, where diving for pearls provided the main income

MINGLE A CHORUS OF ‘‘What a Wonderful World” with a few bars of “Getting to Know You” and maybe add

RIDING A FESTOONED camel through sand dunes as tall as canyons, my daughter and I feel like characters from a

Where do we start? About 990 feet up is as good a place as any. We get there by express

A city-state built on myth-sized dreams, Dubai grew from a backwater, desert-edged village on the Persian Gulf best known for

Mafraq Hotel Abu Dhabi is a locally owned and managed hotel, offering travelers the perfect balance of a culturally rich

Abu Dhabi’s history remains within living memory; some inhabitants can recall the age before skyscrapers, before wealth, before oil. The transformation

A location as exotic and extravagant as one might expect, Dubai boasts some of the world’s most over-the-top attractions, and

Find unmatched luxury and desert charm on the banks of the Persian Gulf in Abu Dhabi, boasting more than 250