Delta Changes Economy Food Service

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By - August 12, 2019

Economy-class passengers are getting some enticing upgrades to the dining experience on Delta Air Lines’ international flights starting in November.

The new program includes a free Welcome Aboard Bellini — cocktails of sparkling wine and peach purée — shortly after take-off. Also, there’s hot towel service and new mix-and-match menus. Passengers will receive hot towels before a bistro-style meal featuring new dishes, including a selection of appetizers such as Harissa shrimp. After, dessert will be served.

Just before landing, passengers will receive a second hot towel service and Ghirardelli chocolates.

“This is about investing in every single customer who chooses Delta, no matter where they sit on the plane,” said Allison Ausband, senior vice president for in-flight service, Delta Air Lines.

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