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October 2009
2009 / October 2009
Oct 1, 2009

Cork: Size Doesn’t Matter

It may be only a tenth the size of Dublin, but Ireland’s second-largest city offers such a wealth of arts, education, history, recreation and commerce that proponents score Cork City with a “perfect 10.” Situated on an “island” embraced by two channels of the River Lee, the city which originated on marshland (hence its Irish name, Coraigh, from corcach, meaning swamp) has transformed itself into a major metropolitan center.

Los Cabos Sets Your Vacation Apart
from the Rest

Whether you prefer a villa on the beach or an ultra-luxe suite downtown, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Los Cabos.

2009 / October 2009
Oct 1, 2009

Kuala Lumpur: 2020 Vision

By all appearances, Kuala Lumpur still is an affluent colonial crossroads on the trade routes between India and China. Its cultural diversity shows in every aspect of life here, from the Chinese and Indian cuisine that dominates the restaurant scene to the mix of Moorish, Tudor and Spanish building styles. The king of this largely Islamic country is a sultan; you still see the same selection of spices, textiles and tropical produce displayed here in the 7th century.