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December 2016
Dec 1, 2016

Combine a Trip to Lima with the Galapagos

Once a quick stopover on the way to Machu Picchu, Lima has become the gateway to another popular South American destination, the Galápagos Islands. But don’t rush to see blue-footed boobies when you can visit this tantalizing coastal capital. Spend a few days touring UNESCO World Heritage colonial architecture and pre-Columbian treasures housed in an 18th-century mansion. Then it’s on to ceviche and pisco sours in a world-class culinary scene, followed by live Afro-Peruvian music at one of many peñas (clubs) in the hillside neighborhood of Barranco or near the sea in Miraflores.

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Destinations / Latin America
Aug 26, 2015

Lima, Peru

Known to Spanish conquistadors as the “City of Kings,” modern-day Lima, the capital of and gateway to Peru, incorporates an interesting blend of architecture, history, heritage and passion. Rising above the coastline, Lima tells a story of civilizations in its 43 districts, 9 million residents, its museums, nightlife and more. Feel the heartbeat of the city in its cuisine — no visit is complete without ceviche or a Pisco sour. Find what suits your tastes on your next trip to Lima.