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Aug 26, 2015

Lima, Peru

Known to Spanish conquistadors as the “City of Kings,” modern-day Lima, the capital of and gateway to Peru, incorporates an interesting blend of architecture, history, heritage and passion. Rising above the coastline, Lima tells a story of civilizations in its 43 districts, 9 million residents, its museums, nightlife and more. Feel the heartbeat of the city in its cuisine — no visit is complete without ceviche or a Pisco sour. Find what suits your tastes on your next trip to Lima.

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2015 / January 2015
Dec 19, 2014

Lima’s Economy Is Positively Booming

Once the centerpiece of Spain’s South American empire — by royal decree all commerce of the vice-royalty had to pass through it — Lima was the keystone of its trade network integrating America, Europe and the Far East. Traces of that prosperity can still be seen in the city’s crowded streets of colorful Baroque mansions juxtaposed with modern high-rises and leafy, Parisian-like boulevards. And now the economy is resurging again. Having recovered from political instability, epidemics, juntas, inflation and earthquakes, Peru’s capital city today represents a dynamic metropolis re-emerging as a powerhouse of the Pacific.