Let the New Year’s Resolutions Begin … or Not

By - December 5, 2018

I strongly believe time is one of the most valuable things we are in control of, and it should be invested wisely. A factor in this investment is setting goals and creating an action plan to achieve them. However, I do not believe New Year’s resolutions should be the first step taken toward achieving these goals.

I personally find they encourage laziness, and if not achieved within the set timeframe, they can take a toll on your emotional health and leave room for the cycle to repeat itself.

For procrastinators, this is the perfect excuse to keep putting off their aspirations and lose focus. The concept of waiting for a new year to start working on a project or yourself won’t suddenly motivate you, it will just enable you to keep putting things off and wait for the next year to start working on a new set of goals.

Lastly, I believe there is a great deal of pressure to create and complete a list of resolutions for the new year. I also believe these resolutions have become more of a trend in recent years and more people are sharing theirs just to feel they are doing the right thing.

Someone dear to my heart once said, “Life is about all of our differences,” and I agree. I am curious to know … are New Year’s resolutions a pro or a con for you?

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— Yasser Ogando, sales planner