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Maria Angeles

Weekend in Philly

Sep 28, 2022

Hello Kitty Café

Sep 16, 2022


Aug 31, 2022

BAPS Chino Hills

Aug 3, 2022
Jul 21, 2022

Cycling in Long Beach

Cycling in the summer is one of my ideal ways to spend the weekend. When you find yourself in Long Beach, you’ll learn it is a very bikeable city. Seeing a city from a bike is a completely different experience than driving through it; you get to truly take it in at your own pace.

Alaskan Wild Wonders by Celebrity Cruises

Experience the beauty of Alaska and save 60 percent off cruise fares on your second and fourth guests. Plus, drinks, WiFi and tips are all included.

eFlyer Reviews
Jul 20, 2022

WeWork Long Beach Review

Working remotely can be lonely, but you can turn it around and make it as fun as you like. With co-working spaces like WeWork you can meet your team face-to-face once again and even expand your network beyond industries you hadn’t even thought of. What makes WeWork stand out amongst the rest of the co-working spaces out there? Community.