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Janice Hecht

Life in Pieces

Dec 31, 2019
Dec 3, 2019

Silk City Turkey Trot

Talk about having a crowd for Thanksgiving! Each year, our town of Manchester, Connecticut, hosts a whopping 10,000–15,000. They come not to feast, however, but to run. This year marked the 83rd Manchester Road Race, which takes runners (and walkers) on a 4.748-mile course of changing elevations around the center of town.

Celebrity Cruises’ Spring Sale

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Nov 5, 2019

A World of Books

On my last flight I noticed almost everyone was plugged into a device with headphones to watch a movie, do work or email, read an e-book or listen to music. I was one of just a handful of people reading an actual printed book. My seatmate and I clashed over whether the window shade should be closed, enabling him to view his digital screen, or remain open so I could read a book by natural daylight. (I find it difficult to read with the little overhead spotlight.) The digital reader won since the natural light really prevented him from viewing his screen.