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Oct 5, 2011

Fancypants Premiere

Last week, I attended the premiere of Fancypants, a film produced by Chicago's Humble Pie Films. It was fitting that the event was held in Chicago, as the city is present in virtually every aspect of the movie.


There’s more to travel than just getting there.

Jul 6, 2011

Indianapolis Weekend

Last weekend, my friend and I went to Indianapolis. I had to go to a convention for a couple days, but we stretched it to a four-day weekend.

May 14, 2008

Wroblewski the Writer

When I was the circulation director at a community newspaper in Chicago, I occasionally appeared as a guest columnist. It was a good match, as I am a frustrated writer at heart and the columns were done free of charge (saving our cash-strapped company those precious dollars).

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Jan 2, 2008

A Trippy 2007

I traveled more in 2007 than ever before. I might not qualify as a world class "Global Traveler," but I managed to log in 9 trips.