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February 2019
Feb 1, 2019

Middle East Tours

I DISMOUNTED MY CAMEL and stood face-to-face with the massive limestone blocks of one of Giza’s great pyramids, unable to take my eyes off this wonder. I inhaled and felt a twinge of excitement as my guide, Amal El Far, handed me a ticket to enter the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Only a small number of people are allowed to go inside the pyramid each day, and lucky for me, the concierge at the Marriott Mena House hotel in Cairo recommended a guide who not only knew how to navigate the site but who also came armed with cold bottles of water, hand sanitizers and some amazing insider knowledge about Egypt’s history.

Thessaloniki: Culture, Good Food and Shopping

Thessaloniki is the second-largest city of Greece and the most important center of the area. Built near the sea, elegant and refined, the Greek “Lady of the North” is a modern, vivacious city that welcomes visitors eager to learn about its history and culture, and at the same time have fun, relax, go shopping or simply explore the cityscape by the sea.

January 2019
Jan 1, 2019

Sporting Event Tours 2019

THERE’S SOMETHING ALMOST POETIC about the lengths to which professional sports fans will go to support their favorite team; fierce devotion and unwavering allegiance forever win out over obstacles that could keep them from being present with their team. Through rain or shine, in victory or defeat and even away or home, loyal sports fans go to great lengths for the teams and sports they support, if only to be able to say, “I was there when …”