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Puerto Rico
Oct 23, 2015

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Close to the financial district and minutes from the history and culture of Old San Juan, El Condado is the luxury hub of San Juan and Puerto Rico. Visitors find luxury hotels like the Condado Plaza Hilton and the new Condado Vanderbilt (right out of the 1920s); boutiques such as Cartier, Armani, Gucci and Louis Vuitton; local fresh markets; protected beaches; and world-class fine dining, trendy bars, casinos and non-stop nightlife. It’s all surrounded by views of the Condado Lagoon and cooled by breezes off the Atlantic Ocean.

Greece: Destination Luxury

Since its prestige for attracting the world elite grew in the 1960s, Greece remains the go-to destination for glittering holidays. Each step of the journey is enrobed in luxury, from culinary traditions with the highest standard of execution and name-brand, high-end shopping to first-rate wellness locales and elite accommodations, like 5-star hotels, private villas and yachts.

Destinations / North America
Jul 15, 2013

San Juan, Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN The largest capital in the Caribbean, San Juan, also a popular cruise port, welcomes 5 million yearly visitors. And it’s no wonder — the city is a leading seaport and a manufacturing, financial, cultural and tourism hub for the Caribbean. Nearly 400,000 call San Juan home. Offering more than just nightlife and casinos (but entertaining for both!), the various districts of San Juan are well worth exploration. Start in Old San Juan, a charming walled city with colorful colonial architecture and a number of noteworthy attractions. Visit Ocean Park and Santurce and experience the shopping of Condado and the nightlife of Isla Verde on your next venture.