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February 2018
Feb 1, 2018

MICE Buenos Aires

DESIGNATED LATIN AMERICA’S smartest city, Buenos Aires’ digital innovation, sustainability, open government and technology advancements put it at the forefront of the trends hitting Latin America’s largest cities. Buenos Aires recently ranked No. 1 in Latin America on the IESE Cities in Motion list, ahead of cities like Santiago, Montevideo and Mexico City.

Discover Seoul’s Sustainable Side

Awareness about fair and sustainable travel continues to grow around the globe, with travelers everywhere considering a destination’s eco-friendly options before visiting. As public consciousness for this important aspect of tourism strengthens, tourists also look beyond just ecotourism and delve deeper into types of travel that allow them to respect the local culture, interact with locals and distribute benefits fairly.

Mar 1, 2017

Buenos Aires: Pulse of Business

A TRIP TO THE BUSTLING METROPOLIS of Buenos Aires opens a window into a collision of cultures. The Argentine capital vibrates to the Latin beats of tango and cumbia drifting from the bars and taxis which line Haussmann-style boulevards that could have been lifted straight from Paris.