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Jan 30, 2023

New Dublin Discovery Trails App Immerses You in Stories of Dublin’s Docklands

For the first time ever, visitors and locals in Dublin, Ireland, can immerse themselves in a series of discovery trails through augmented reality. The Dublin Discovery Trails app, developed by Peel X and funded by Failté Ireland and Dublin City Council, brings Dublin’s Docklands to life in a new and unique way. Dublin’s Docklands served as one of the world’s largest docks in the 19th and 20th centuries, in which countless ships entered and exited the port every day. This hub of trade and industry meant many people worked the docklands and interacted with one another daily.

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Jan 13, 2023

New Exhibition at Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol Museum Explores Personal Perspectives of Ireland’s Fight for Freedom

Kilmainham Gaol Museum, located in Dublin, Ireland, is a former prison that operated from the 18th century into the early 20th century. In its time as a prison, Kilmainham held many Irish revolutionaries, including leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising. Many of them would be executed within the prison by the British government.