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Mar 29, 2023

The Daily Bread of Berlin

When booking our trip to the world’s largest travel fair, ITB Berlin, a wide variety of travel-related thoughts and emotions crossed my mind. None of which involved the food.

Tips to Plan a Destination Event Worth the Trip

Corporate events can often feel … too corporate. Where to go to get the team out of the office environment to bond and think outside the box? Starting with an unconventional, unique space to make them feel like the all-stars they are will get the juices flowing and make your LinkedIn profile glow.

Feb 6, 2023

Amelia Island Farm-to-Table Dining

On Jan. 29 I had the pleasure of attending the closing dinner of Amelia Island’s well-known Restaurant Week. The week celebrated cuisine from the island’s popular dining destinations and in which different restaurants and companies showcased different ingredients and dishes to locals and visitors.

Jan 19, 2023

Favorite Foods of 2022

As previously proposed, I began flipping through the photos on my phone and decided to write about some of my favorites from 2022. And based on the number of food pics I’ve taken, I thought it best to dedicate this post to my favorite foods of 2022.

A New Perspective on Incentive Travel

Incentive travel has long been a way for organizations to drive sales and reward employees with opulent trips to exotic destinations. Today it encompasses even more.

Aug 15, 2022

In Full Bloom: PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

Earlier this summer I attended my first Philadelphia Flower Show and had the pleasure of learning more about its history and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Although this is my third year living in Pennsylvania, I must admit this was the first year I had heard and read about the show. A quick “things to do in Philly this weekend” Google search led me to this article from Visit Philadelphia about the current year’s show. It was the perfect activity I needed for visual sensory stimulation and to unwind.