ONCE ONE OF INDIA’S RICHEST states due to fabulously wealthy Muslim dynasties that ruled it for centuries, this south-central Indian

TANTALIZING FOR BOTH its rich history and natural beauty, every year Cochin (also known as Kochi) welcomes visitors from all

BEFORE WE START, we need to address the issue that overshadows every visit to Bangalore (officially known as Bengaluru).You’ll find

HYDERABAD’S GREAT LEAP into the future began in the 1990s, you could say. That was when ambitious plans were initiated

ROOTED IN HISTORY, WITH a Gujarati culture that spans millennia, Ahmedabad, or “Amdavad,” is situated in India’s westernmost state of

I WAITED MY ENTIRE LIFE to be where I stood, the Taj Mahal long acting as a sort of mecca

I WAS MILES OFF THE coast of India in a small wooden fishing boat on the Arabian Sea when I

In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India’s most radiant state, I try to cross the street. And though it’s an

For all its tourist-packed beaches and massive rave-style Christmas parties, the Indian state of Goa preserves its cultural and historical

Delhi is not one city, it is many. Historically, administratively, culturally, economically and socially, India’s capital is a complicated puzzle.