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April 2018
Apr 1, 2018

Iceland: Raw Energy

IF ONLY GEOLOGY LESSONS were always like this. After driving 25 miles east of Reykjavík, capital of Iceland, we change into dry suits and flippers. Like fish out of water, we slap our way awkwardly along a path and then down a flight of metal steps. We pull on our facemasks, bite onto the mouthpieces of our snorkels and take the plunge into the narrow, deep fissure that divides Europe from North America.

75 Years Connecting the Americas

Copa Airlines is celebrating its 75th anniversary by showcasing a Boeing 737-800 NG in an aircraft livery that harkened back to the airline’s look in the 1990s. During that time, Copa Airlines launched an expansion of their network to become the Hub of the Americas®, changing the way to travel to and connect in our Continent.

October 2017
Oct 1, 2017

Glacier Exploration, Iceland

EVER SINCE READING the outdoor writer Jon Krakauer’s accounts of scaling vertiginous frozen waterfalls and waiting out blizzards in abandoned ice caves, I dreamed of trying my hand at the exotic-sounding sport of ice climbing. But as I peered over the edge of the glacial wall I was about to descend in southeast Iceland, I gulped. Turning around and tugging at my harness and carabiner a final time, I stepped backward into the void.