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Patricia Vanikiotis

Harvest Season

Oct 28, 2023
October 2023
Oct 2, 2023

Welcome from the Editor: Take Flight!

As I worked on the 2023 edition of Global Traveler’s annual Aviation Issue, I thought back to my very first first-class flight. My husband and I were flying from Portland to Honolulu for our honeymoon, and we were thrilled to learn we had been upgraded to the front of the plane. Some of the perks we enjoyed: a welcoming glass of Champagne; a warm towel before the meal service — which was served on china with a cloth napkin and silverware; a wide, comfortable seat with a footrest and extra legroom; a larger pillow and nicer blanket than the folks in economy got; and I think perhaps I was gifted with a lei, too. No entertainment screen, power sources or WiFi. Now, keep in mind this was more than 40 years ago!

Treasure Every Moment in The Islands of Tahiti

The Islands of Tahiti offer a range of captivating activities for travelers with diverse interests, from hiking to breathtaking waterfalls, riding horses on secluded beaches; swimming with sharks; or immersing in Polynesian culture through traditional dance, music and art. For watersports enthusiasts, the crystal-clear lagoons offer exhilarating experiences like surfing, kiteboarding and paddleboarding. And if you’re looking to relax, the pristine beaches, overwater bungalows and tropical sun offer the perfect setting. With 118 islands and atolls to explore, island hopping is an excellent way to experience the full diversity of The Islands of Tahiti. With its blend of adventure, culture and relaxation, The Islands of Tahiti offer a truly unique travel experience.

Sep 30, 2023

Family Time at the Beach

Last weekend I got to enjoy time on the northern Oregon coast with my siblings and their spouses for a brief and enjoyable mini reunion at a location that has been our family's favorite destination since we kids were very young. Sister Julie did the research and found a VRBO property to rent for three nights, situated right on the Prom in Seaside.