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Patricia Vanikiotis

Snowy Sedona

Jan 28, 2023

Holiday Theater

Jan 1, 2023
Dec 3, 2022

Walla Walla Dining

We enjoyed our most recent visit to Walla Walla wine country with two other couples, all of us part of a group of friends who have enjoyed food, wine and each others' friendship for over 40 years. Each evening of our visit we dined at a different Walla Walla restaurant, and each night affirmed my belief that good food and wine are always that much better when shared with friends. At each meal we opened three bottles of wine brought from our home cellars, allowing us to drink down some of our ample home supply and share some special wines with each other.

Cruise Along the Danube River with Global Traveler

Exclusive Sailing with Global Traveler

Nov 26, 2022

New Finds in Walla Walla

For the last several years, the first weekend in November has found my husband and me (and, often, several of our friends from around the Northwest) in Walla Walla, Washington, for the region's Fall Release Weekend. It's a wonderful time to visit, as the frenzy of harvest and crush are over, and the wineries are eager to share their newest releases . . . all of this against the backdrop of colorful fall foliage, the gold stubble of wheat fields and early dustings of snow creeping down the surrounding Blue Mountains.