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Eugenia Lazaris
Class Act 2021
Oct 1, 2021

Enhanced Protocols for Aircraft Cleanliness Protect the Health of Customers and Crews

Airplanes, with enclosed spaces and close quarters, have always given germ-conscious travelers reason to worry. When the World Health Organization identified SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus as a public health concern in January 2020 followed by officially declaring COVID-19 a pandemic two months later, the cleaning practices of airlines took center stage in the consciousness of travelers. Since that time airlines and public health officials worked tirelessly to adjust protocols and techniques to provide safe environments for passengers and crew to ensure air travel remains safe and enjoyable.

FXExpress Traveler of the Year

FXExpress Traveler of the Year Contest 2023

March 2021
Mar 13, 2021

The Warmth of the Caymans Makes Visitors Feel Right at Home

When the Cayman Islands reopens to global tourism after the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be waiting with open arms. Visitors will once again be able to experience what makes the Caymans a world-class destination — pristine beaches, stunning scenery, magnificent wildlife and its very own brand of kindness: Caymankind.