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Brandon Schultz
April 2019
Apr 1, 2019

Aspira Spa, The Osthoff Resort

I NEVER CONSIDERED WISCONSIN a top spa destination, and that’s certainly not why I visited the small resort town of Elkhart Lake, just below the peninsula between Green Bay and the rest of Lake Michigan, but an afternoon at Aspira Spa challenged me — and not just about this one blip of ignorance.

8 Reasons to Press the Green Button and Visit Ireland

Start planning that long-awaited trip to the island of Ireland. With all travel restrictions now lifted, there has never been a better time to visit.

December 2018
Dec 1, 2018

Helsinki: Moments of Reflection

AT JUST 101 YEARS OLD, FINLAND is a relatively new nation, being part of the Kingdom of Sweden for the majority of the last millennium. The Russian Empire took control throughout the 19th century until Finland declared independence in 1917, but not before both influences left their indelible marks on Finnish culture and, especially, its capital.