3-day, 2-night itinerary

Luxurious Weekend in Seoul

For a luxurious trip to the heart of Seoul, South Korea, follow this itinerary to be whisked away to the lap of luxury. Stay in the luxurious Lotte Hotel Seoul and visit palaces and markets over three days and two nights.

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Highlights of the trip

  • Luxury accommodations at Lotte Hotel Seoul
  • A visit to Deoksugung Palace
  • Local eating and shopping at Namdaeman Market


Day 1 Arrive, overnight at Lotte Hotel
Day 2 In Seoul, overnight at Lotte Hotel
Day 3 In Seoul, Depart for home.

Day 1

After arriving at Incheon Airport, there is a one-hour drive (give or take) into the heart of Seoul. Enjoy the sights and sounds en route to your luxury accommodations at Lotte Hotel Seoul. Located a few blocks from city hall, the hotel’s neighborhood is filled with things to do. Drop your bags and refresh before heading out for dinner.

Make reservations at Junsik Seoul for a truly luxurious Korean meal. Finish the night up with a visit to the hotel’s bar, the Peninsula Bar and Lounge. A decadent waterfall, soft live music and warm sunlight and moonlight filtering into the room makes this a perfect end to the evening.

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Day 2

Sleep in and get ready for a day of sightseeing, visiting elegant structures and palaces. The first stop of the day is a tour of Deoksugung Palace, with a history dating back to its construction in the early 1600s. The palace is surrounded by Western architecture, a feeling not matched by other palace tours. After the tour, take a short walk to Seoul’s City Hall, where you can admire the Renaiassance-style architecture.  Finish the day by walking to the Hwangudan Altar. The complex is the oldest set of buildings you will explore during the tour, dating to A.D. 983. Finish the day at the hotel.

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Day 3

The third day is all about shopping and sampling local foods. Go to the Namdaeman Market for some shopping and food. This local market provides for lots of opportunities to taste local delicacies. Throughout the day, make sure to sample as much local cuisine as you can muster. Finish the day here before your night flight from Incheon Airport.

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