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United Arab Emirates
GCGB 2023
Jul 19, 2023

Global City Guidebook: Dubai

Shimmering with glitz, glamour and ultramodern skyscrapers, Dubai lures visitors with the utmost in luxury hotels, world-class dining, designer shopping and lively nightlife. But this city in the United Arab Emirates offers so much more, from history and heritage to desert adventures and water sports.

Unearth Seoul’s Hidden Gems

Filled with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, Seoul invites travelers to unearth its many gems, and Seoul Tourism Organization is here to help travelers do just that. Through thoughtfully created initiatives like the Theme Tourism County Competition, Seoul Tourism Organization works closely with local districts to identify and showcase what makes each district unique and charming in all seasons.

March 2023
Mar 3, 2023

Abu Dhabi Works to Shed its Economic Oil Dependency

In the early 1960s oil transformed the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates from a fishing village into a modern city with one of the strongest economies in the Middle East. Today Abu Dhabi boasts a 107-billion-barrel oil reserve. But oil and gas prices can be volatile, and climate change is forcing the automotive industry to pivot to electric power, potentially endangering its economy if nothing changes.