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United Kingdom
February 2017
Feb 1, 2017

Nightlife in London

WITH THE HIGHEST concentration of bars, clubs and after-hours action, Soho still reigns as London’s nightlife central. Specialty cocktail bars are hot — places like The London Gin Club serve more than 100 different gins with tonics to match. Along with the classiest cocktails, Soho is known for its diversity — both ethnic and lifestyle — and as a place that welcomes LGBTQ travelers.

Athens: A city that charms its guests and stirs their emotions

The city took its name from Athena, goddess of wisdom, strategy and war, and protector of the city. The financial, political and administrative center of the country and an all-powerful city-state in antiquity, Athens is a major center of culture. A visit to the first-ever museum dedicated to Byzantium, a stroll around the National Garden and a trip to the Olympeion archaeological site will take you back through time.

August 2016
Aug 1, 2016

Romantic Chester, England

Gazing down upon Chester from the broad, red sandstone walls that surround it, I can’t help but be annoyed. My husband, James, who’s taking the two-mile tour with me, has the same look of vague discontent on his own face. I know what he’s thinking before he utters a word: While the low rock wall we labored over a few summers ago is already crumbling around the edges of our garden, this ancient, Roman-built wall beneath our feet shows no sign of caving despite 2,000 years of constant exposure.