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January 2018
Jan 1, 2018

Carefree in Krabi

A BEAD OF SWEAT BEGAN TO FORM on my forehead, the sun warming its way across my exposed shoulders while I pedaled the last uphill stretch of that solitary paved road. I smiled and waved as I passed a woman with a jovial grin wearing a traditional palm woven hat and debated stopping to purchase one of the fresh coconuts she was selling from her pieced-together bamboo stand. I was on a borrowed bicycle from the Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve resort where I was staying, and was off on an adventure inspired by my villa butler’s recommendation for his absolute favorite thing to do in Krabi.

Greece: Destination Culture

History and culture are etched into every corner of Greece. Beginning with its language, the oldest written language still in existence, and moving from the traces of passing civilizations and religions to pre-historic findings and works from many movements, there’s a wealth of culture to discover on your next trip to Greece.

April 2017
Apr 1, 2017

Eco-Friendly Journey of Thailand’s Isles

AS I FLOATED just above the water in a three-person sea canoe, I found myself grinning with every ripple and splash from the Andaman Sea. All around us rose clusters of towering karst islands lined with soft, sandy beaches and stacked high in dense jungle terrain. Each island was surrounded by a gently swelling sea of sapphire water that would act as the passageway for my excursion on John Gray’s Sea Canoe guided tour through Thailand’s most famous islands.