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Susan B. Barnes
Nov 14, 2022

Island Vibes: Retreat to the Relaxed Charm of the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys have long thrived as a destination for travelers seeking rest and relaxation in a tropical setting: water as far as the eye can see; swaying palm trees; and warm, gentle trade winds blowing. The 125-mile island chain stretches from just south of Miami to Key West and lies in three bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Why Buy Travel Insurance for U.S. Destinations?

If you’re traveling stateside, travel insurance is a must.

Class Act 2022
Oct 14, 2022

Air Traffic Controllers Keep Planes, Pilots and Passengers Safely on Track

As travelers, we oftentimes find ourselves looking out airplane windows, gazing at the patchwork of the world below as we fly over at 30,000 feet. When we’re on the ground waiting for our flights, we watch planes take off and land and taxi to and from their gates in what can be interpreted as an intricate dance, each step carefully planned and exact, yet fluid. If passing by an airport at night, we see the lights of planes lining up in approach for their landings, one after the next after the next.