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Marlene Goldman
May 2017
May 1, 2017

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge

ABOUT HALFWAY UP THE outer arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I attempt to relieve my state of panic with the recommendation from tour company BridgeClimb’s website: “If you feel wobbly or light-headed, it can be comforting to ground yourself. Push your feet in your shoes against the solid pathway. Squeeze the hand rails to remind yourself that everything is sturdy and safe and you are in control.”

Five Things You Need to Know About Punta Cana’s New Finest Resort

Finding a beachfront Punta Cana all-inclusive resort for all ages can be daunting when you want to take home great memories with loved ones but also experience a sophisticated escape. Now, you can have both thanks to a new resort: Finest Punta Cana.

August 2016
Aug 1, 2016

Cultural Treasures of Sydney and Queensland

On the surface, Sydney is Australia’s glitzy showgirl, priding herself on her cosmopolitan flair, epic oceanfront walks, bustling harbor, warm climes and tourist-baiting icons. Visitors can wander World Heritage sites, climb the famed Sydney Harbour Bridge, spy surfers at renowned Bondi Beach, stroll through the stately Royal Botanic Garden or sift through treasures at myriad outdoor markets.