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Dec 28, 2022

Kunstmuseum Den Haag Exhibits “Pouring Vessels” by Aldo Bakker

Each year, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, in the Dutch city of The Hague, mounts 35 temporary exhibitions, always including at least two major international shows and a fashion exhibition. The exhibition program also caters to visitors interested in the decorative arts and other subcollections, and seeks to introduce visitors to artists not yet familiar to the general public.

Fill Your Heart with Ireland

Whether it's the people, the craic (fun) or the coasts, travelers always find something to love about the island of Ireland. What fills your heart?

Oct 3, 2022

Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week 2022 is the biggest design event in northern Europe, taking place Oct. 22–30, in the city of Eindhoven. More than 2,600 designers participate in the event, and about 355,000 visitors from Europe and abroad attend. The almost 500 DDW events offer an opportunity for visitors to explore every imaginable design discipline, with a clear emphasis on experiment, innovation and the development of young talent.