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August 2018
Aug 1, 2018

Grape Harvest, France

INDIAN SUMMERS IN FRANCE lure wine enthusiasts to the vendange, the annual grape harvest. The countrywide tradition ends the silent stillness of Mother Nature’s growing season, about 100 days after the first blossoms emerge. For almost two weeks, workers clip their way through the long allées between vines. Equipped with pruners, they meticulously hand-cut each cluster of grapes and gently place them — bunch by bunch — into a basket. Grape porters transfer grapes to bigger baskets, or hottes, and carry them on their backs to a hopper, called a bin tipper, before a little truck transports them to the winery.

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Jan 1, 2018

Paris Sizzles

REFLECTIONS OF FLICKERING lights in the sparkling River Seine, glowing sidewalks illuminated by 19th-century street lamps, and the romantic ringing of the bells of Notre-Dame from the central Île de la Cité: It’s no wonder Paris is considered the City of Lights, especially after work hours. The hardest part about a night out in the French capital is deciding where to spend your hours of enchanting night light. Each of the city’s neighborhoods, or arrondissements, carves out its own slice of divinity from sunset until dawn.