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July 2017
Jul 1, 2017

Kick Back in Basque Country

THERE WAS A TIME NOT SO LONG AGO when the Basque region, which straddles the border between northern Spain and France, was better known as a hotbed of separatist activities than as an inviting tourism destination. Fast forward to today, when a vibrant culinary scene, charming villages and cities and an authentic local culture have made the area a magnet for international visitors looking to go beyond the more traditional destinations like Barcelona and Paris.

A Lighter Footprint

United Airlines’ environmentally friendly efforts lessen the impact on local U.S. communities.

April 2017
Apr 1, 2017

Truffle Hunting, France

TRUFFLES. YOU’VE SWOONED OVER THEM, stirred into scrambled eggs, layered in foie gras, thinly sliced atop a pizza (ideally in St. Moritz) and folded into the skin of a perfectly stuffed, oven-baked fowl prepared by a chef looking quite like James Beard. But you haven’t really tasted a truffle until you’ve seized it from the large, meaty, soil-flecked hands of a French truffle hunter, his palm holding the misshapen, dirt clod-like fungus toward you, his other hand wrapped around a prodigious knife — and his proud, truffle-finding canine beaming at his side.