Vrbo Launches New Service Aimed at Traveling Families

Photo: © Popa Sorin | Dreamstime.com

- August 7, 2019

Vrbo launched a new service last week to assist traveling families when tragedy strikes. Now, when a young child loses or leaves behind a treasured stuffed animal or toy while on vacation, Vrbo Teddy Bear Service comes to the rescue. The Vrbo Teddy Bear Service returns any children’s item of sentimental value left in any of its cabins, condos or beach homes.

Vrbo recently conducted a study on families traveling with stuffed animals and how parents respond when a special toy is left behind. Nearly half of parents say they buy a duplicate toy and pretend it’s the original; 25 percent make up a story to explain the disappearance to the child; 17 percent buy extravagant gifts to distract the child; and 13 percent fake an explanatory note to the child from the lost toy. Meanwhile, 21 percent take to social media to help find the lost toy, while 5 percent say they would actually put up missing posters for the lost toy.

The Vrbo Teddy Bear Service simply requires parents to call 1 774 VRBOTDY or email [email protected] to report the lost item. Then, the property owner and manager are contacted, as well as the next guest staying at the property, so the lost item is found when possible.

“We know how easily teddies can get left behind under beds, in canoes, or in a vacation home’s best hide-and-seek spot,” said Melanie Fish, travel expert, Vrbo. “Our goal is to make sure every teddy finds its way back home and to help kids and their families keep happy vacation memories fully intact.”

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