Lindblad Expeditions Announces Carbon Neutrality

Photo: © Brian Grant |

- June 23, 2019

Lindblad Expeditions plans to offset 100 percent of emissions from its 13 ships, all land-based operations, employee travel and two offices, starting this year. The initiative is in partnership with South Pole, a developer of international emission reduction projects. Lindblad Expeditions now boasts a portfolio of six carbon project investments, with focuses on renewable energy, reforestation and community projects in six countries.

“As a company, recognizing that global climate change is arguably the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, we all need to urgently step up our efforts whether big or small,” said Sven Lindblad, CEO and founder, Lindblad Expeditions. “Our goal is to reduce and offset our carbon footprint, and to commit to carbon neutrality throughout the many layers of our business. It has become increasingly more apparent that we, human beings, and our planet which sustains us are out of balance. Climate change and its resulting impacts on global biodiversity and human health and livelihoods has provided a clarion call and awakening. The message is clear; we must rebalance and rebalance urgently.”

“We are always looking for creative and meaningful ways to support the health of the environment and the people and ecosystems reliant on it,” added Amy Berquist, vice president of conservation, education and sustainability, Lindblad Expeditions. “Committing to carbon neutrality is a natural extension of our core beliefs, especially in the face of increasing threats posed by climate change.”

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