How Cruise Lines Are Reacting to New Cuba Travel Policies

Photo: Augustin Florian |

By - August 14, 2019

Since the U.S. government banned cruise ships from arriving to Cuba, cruise companies adapted dozens of itineraries for the trips they had already planned to the island.

The announcement of the ban came June 5, and is a part of the treasury department’s new travel and trade regulations, one of which is to eliminate people-to-people visas granted to group and educational trips, two of the more popular ways Americans can travel to Cuba.

Virgin Voyages was planning its maiden voyage to Havana in 2020, but the company announced it’s working hard to change this plan.

Other companies like Carnival Corporation, Viking Cruises and Royal Caribbean posted similar statements on their websites, noting passengers who already booked voyages will be the first to learn about itinerary changes.

The discontinuation of cruise ships to the island will have a severe impact on the nation’s economy. Of the nearly 5 million international visitors to Cuba in 2018, about 800,000 arrived on one of the 17 cruise ships serving the country.

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