Delta to Launch Assistance-by-Text Platform

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By - August 13, 2019

Delta Air Lines travelers with Apple devices will soon be able to use an app to contact the airline directly with urgent comments or complaints.

As part of Delta’s mobile app, the feature, to be added to the app this fall, offers an alternative way to contact the airline rather than calling, e-mailing or venting on social media platforms like Twitter.

The airline claims it strives to keep technology in line with the current ecosystem, and as such, hopes to cater to a younger group of travelers who communicate grievances via a quick text message.

The app’s feature allows customers to access booking information, view travel tips for their flight and see responses to routine questions via a virtual assistant. Travelers with more specific questions can use the live chat function.

The feature is currently in a testing phase for select Delta customers. While still working out some kinks and trying to achieve faster response times, Delta hopes standard response times will eventually be no longer than two minutes when the fully functional feature is rolled out.

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