D.C. Hotel Launches First-Amendment Themed Signature Suite

Photo: © Amadeustx | Dreamstime.com

By - March 4, 2019

Hamilton Hotel Washington, D.C. teamed with Newseum to launch a new signature suite christened The Newsroom: Rise Up. The suite coincides with the “Newseum’s Rise Up: Stonewall and the LGBTQ Rights Movement” exhibit, honoring the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn protest. Actor and activist Alan Cumming assisted in curating artifacts and images for the suite.

The Newsroom: Rise Up suite is located on the hotel’s 12th floor. Across the space, guests enjoy a display of front-page news stories cataloguing the past 50 years of the gay rights movement and special artifacts, including a souvenir program from the 1982 Gay Athletic Games; the script from the 1997 episode of Ellen, during which the lead character in the show, Ellen Morgan, revealed she was a lesbian; and the album cover of the Village People’s “Macho Man.”

Suite guests also receive access to the Newseum’s signature “Today’s Front Pages” exhibit, a daily, digital gallery of front page news from more than 800 newspapers. An AR app gives guests access to a digital coffee table book of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs. Welcome amenities include discounted tickets to exclusive Newseum events and a gift bag of Newseum keepsakes.

“The Newseum is dedicated to telling the stories of ordinary people using the power of the press and the freedoms of the First Amendment to effect change, and our exhibit on the LGBTQ community is one we are excited to share. We’re so pleased that Hamilton Hotel is helping support our mission, which is so vital today,” said Carrie Christoffersen, executive director and curator, Newseum.

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