Gifting Experiences

By - December 7, 2018

I took yesterday off for a special reason: My favorite kiddos turned 3, and I was taking them to Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum as their birthday gift. My best friend has twins — a boy and a girl and, given their Dec. 4th birthdays, there are a lot of presents this time of year. As a result, last year I decided to gift them an experience rather than another toy or outfit. I take a day off work since the museums are less crowded on weekdays, and we enjoy a full day of play at the area institution.

It has a special touch of nostalgia for me, as I have the fondest memories of visiting the museum, then in a different location, as a child. I clearly remember a photo of me, probably around 6, wearing denim overalls, standing in front of a map of the United States with a fake, wooden microphone, pretending to deliver the weather on the nightly news. Maybe the museum sparked my interest in journalism.

What I love about the museum is it’s full of good, old-fashioned play areas. Kids can pretend to pump gas, scoop ice cream, grocery shop and more without screens, excess bells and whistles and all kinds of sounds and lights. It’s imagination come to life, and kids can run around playing an epic game of pretend.

I can’t wait to visit again next year!

— Kim Krol, editor in chief