SPEND JUST A FEW MINUTES in downtown Seattle and one thing stands out: New construction appears everywhere. The Emerald City

WITH A SHEEN OF CONSTRUCTION DUST still on the escalator handrails, Michael J. Wilson’s fingerprints can be felt both literally

A CHANGE IS OCCURRING on the edge of the Midwest, right where Ohio gives way to the northern border of

THE CITY’S NICKNAME, “BIG D,” could stand for Big Destination as companies and job applicants discover unlimited opportunities in the

THE SOUTH BEACH NEIGHBORHOOD of Miami Beach sizzles 24-7 with a Latin vibe. Visitors know SoBe for its beautiful beach

NEW YORK CITY IS KNOWN as The City That Never Sleeps, so it should come as no surprise after-hours fun

FROM THE CHARMING BRICK-LINED streets populated with 18th-century homes to the salty tang carried by the coastal breeze, the historic

TO SEE BEARS IN ALASKA YOU’LL need to go deep into the wilderness, right? That’s what I thought. I packed

PORTLAND, ORE., MAY BE FAMOUS for its quirky residents, thanks in large part to the popularization of the sketch comedy

WITH ITS EASY CHARM, avant-garde style and string of economic development wins, Savannah attracts more than visitors. This dynamic riverfront


HOME TO JUNGLED MOUNTAINS, stunning beaches, exotic culture, lots of cool activities and even world-class infrastructure, Hawai’i poses a nagging

MORE THAN $11 BILLION in development projects continue to transform America’s largest major city to declare bankruptcy. New and rehabbed

ONE LOOK AT A MAP OF UPSTATE New York quickly explains how the Finger Lakes got their name. Native Americans

IF IT WERE A CITY UNTO ITSELF, it would be the fourth-largest in the country. As it is, Brooklyn, with

LONG KNOWN FOR ITS educational institutions and storied history, the once-staid city of Boston morphed into a high-tech, intergenerational innovation

MIAMI IS NOT ONLY ABOUT BEACHES — though you’d be forgiven for thinking so after one look down its endless

IT’S “THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES” in Chicago, a microcosm Tale of Two Cities, with outlying neighborhoods

CASUALLY ASK SOMEONE in Minnesota’s Twin Cities what’s new, and you may be in for a longer conversation than you

NEW YORK STATE’S SEE-AND-BE-SEEN summer getaway of celebrities from Martha Stewart and Stephen Spielberg to Madonna and Jimmy Fallon, the

WITH MORE THAN 120 live performance venues and a whopping $9.7 billion impact on the music industry, Nashville more than

WITH GLORIOUS BEACHES, reliably mild weather and world-class attractions, San Diego is often called America’s Finest City. The country’s 17th-largest

WHEN THE SUN SETS over the Pacific Ocean, the City of Angels seamlessly transforms into a devil’s playground as bars

WHILE THE SAYING goes, “Never judge a book by its cover,” one could say destinations can be judged by their