THE WAY OF THE PILGRIM, it’s said, begins with the first step out the door. From there, the journey unfolds

Ensconced by the sea and dripping with the full flavor of Catalonia, the Spanish city of Barcelona is a vibrant

In Spain’s geographical center, Madrid is not only its capital but its major city, with a population upwards of 3

Valencia, on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, is a lively city during any season. But in March it literally explodes into a

Through a sea of red and white, the gigantes y cabezudos (giants and big-heads) make their way through the crowded

MADRID As cliché as it sounds, Madrid, a leading European center of arts and culture, really does have it all. But

As I pulled into Santander, the objections voiced by my Asturian friends were still ringing in my ears. “A weekend