The desert seems to be the ideal place to construct a city of casinos, luxury hotels and all-you-can-eat buffets. The latest region with plans to build an entertainment-centric city, akin to Las Vegas in the United States, is Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. An area

Singapore Airlines increases its current daily Paris (CDG) service to a 10 times weekly for the northern winter season, Oct. 30, 2017– March 24, 2018. The new SQ333/SQ334 flights will operate Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, adding to the airline’s existing daily flights. The new service will

There are some exciting new updates, changes and openings this summer for some of the most popular hotels around the country, from Pacific Northwest openings to major renovations. Here are some of the highlights. Openings [caption id="attachment_78302" align="alignright" width="300"] Hotel Theodore © Provenance Hotels[/caption] Provenance Hotels will open

JetBlue and Delta Air Lines announced plans to test biometric boarding passes in the coming months. The passes would replace traditional printed passes and utilize facial recognition technology and fingerprinting. JetBlue tested the technology in June on flights from Boston to Aruba. The airline said in a

Sail the Tyrrhenian Sea from the west coast of Italy to Cala Santa Maria. The small island of Santa Maria is located just north of the larger, more populated Italian island of Sardegna and just below the French province of Corse. The turquoise waters, secluded

SkyTeam announced plans to open a lounge inside Vancouver International Airport later this year. The opening will mark the company’s first lounge in North America and seventh worldwide. Other locations are at Heathrow (LHR), Beijing (PDX), Dubai (DBX), Hong Kong (HKG), Istanbul (IST) and Sydney

Before the Europeans discovered South America, the native population cultivated a wide array of plants, including corn, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados and chile peppers. These South American staples were then incorporated with foods brought over from Europe and, today, Latino cuisine is a delicious

Transport company Hyperloop One is currently testing technology that would whisk passengers along routes at speeds of up to 620 mph. The company’s Maglev-powered transport pods, which would float in a resistance-free vacuum, is proposed for nine routes in Europe and 11 in the United States. The

The city of Paris is considered the pinnacle of fine dining and luxury. It is home to some of the most expensive and ostentatious hotels, shopping and restaurants money can buy. Here are some of the most expensive restaurants in Paris. Feast your eyes and

Qatar Airways announced it saw a 21.7 percent increase in net profits for the current fiscal year up until March 31. The airline’s annual revenue also saw a jump by 10.4 percent. So far this year the carrier has added 10 new destinations and expanded to

In the last few years, hotels upped their game with attractive amenities and better cuisine to accommodate guests. Gone are the days when the hotel restaurant was a dreaded last resort for a weary traveler. Nowadays some of the top restaurants in the country are