After the Trump Administration issued an all-encompassing Cuba travel warning, travel brands released responses on how they will continue with tourism to the area in the future. The U.S. State Department stated it “warns U.S. citizens not to travel to Cuba.” The warning is in response

United Airlines has a new in-flight safety video that takes passengers to seven destinations around the world. It’s part of the airline’s new Safety is Global campaign. The video starts in Rio de Janeiro, at its famous Carnival celebration. Airline staff and crew demonstrate key safety

For inspiration for your next trip look no further than your own TV. Netflix recently added the first season of Luxury Travel Show, which debuted in England in 2016. The show, created by PBS’ managing director Richard Hall and starring Sarah Moorhouse, presents some of the

Keep your phone screen safe with a WÜD Life phone case. These luxury phone cases are built for durability and style with real wood and rock details, without the excess bulk or weight. Each piece has its own unique features from the natural source it

In an ideal world, flights are always direct, on time and free of drama. As frequent travelers know; however, layovers are an all-too-common part of travel. Some airports make the process more enjoyable than others. We talked to our well-traveled Globility Board, and they weighed in

British Airways partnered with sustainable fuel company Velocys, allowing the carrier to “supply its aircraft fleet with increasing amounts of sustainable jet fuel in the next decade.” The initiative will focus on the development of “a series of waste plants that convert household waste into renewable

Amtrak passenger trains running the busy Northeast Corridor and the Midwest will soon see updated, modern interiors, including new seating and lighting. The café cars will also get an overhaul. The passenger railroad corporation announced the $16-million project last month, focused on modernizing the interiors of

A new study released by the U.S. Travel Association reveals international travel numbers have declined. The numbers show international travel dropped a total of 4.2 percent in recent months. In turn, domestic travel has received an uptick and is projected to grow over the course